Interview with Harlan Ellison

We went to Ellison Wonderland last year to interview Harlan for our upcoming documentary about Charles Beaumont.

Harlan is intense, to say the least. But – so is Jason and that was quite the ride. When Jason when out to get another tape, Harlan exclaimed that I was married to someone as obnoxious as he is!

Of course, Harlan has his sweet side, too. He was full of pride as he told me all about the squirrels at his house that respond to his voice.

There are lot of great moments in the interview. Don't miss the documentary when it comes out.

Harlan Ellison discusses our Charles Beaumont film…
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Here is the mighty Harlan Ellison writing about the film we are working on about Chuck Beaumont, one of his good friends… (It's in context; here's the link:

Thanks Harlan!



– Tuesday, April 25 2006 12:59:12


(Yesterday, I sat for a long interview on camera with a clever young man named Jason Brock–and his wife, Sunni–who came down from Portland. They're doing a documentary on the late Charles Beaumont, and they'd already filmed Greg Bear, Geo. Clayton Johnson, Bill Nolan, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, and others. Their production company is JaSunni Prods., and I have no idea if there's a website, nor when the completed Beaumont documentary will be available–I suspect it will be, fer shur, a substantial while–but I thought I'd mention it…just for you completists.)…

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