Brilliant artist Wolfgang Grasse passes on…

The death of Herr Grasse is tragic.
I am in the process of a major film on the art of the great Visionary masters, and had gotten to know him via mail correspondence. I feel that we were friends, as we had spoken on the phone, and also had e-mails fairly regularly. The books and materials that he sent I will always treasure.
He was one of the main reasons that I was planning to visit Australia/Tasmania in the coming months. Another will be to interview Jon Beinart and Damian Michaels.
To his family: Sunni and I send our deepest regret, and a sincere hope that you will find comfort in his accomplishments and long life.

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21 Responses to “Brilliant artist Wolfgang Grasse passes on…”

  1. Sam Says:

    I used to work at an Antique Centre around 1990-92 and did some work for Wolfgang carrying and hanging his paintings for an exhibition and sale
    as he was short of money then he gave me one of his lesser works as payment , the painting had a flaw in it which he suggested that I correct it myself (of course I didn’t) and often wondered if his art would increase in value over the years
    i had no idea he had passed away but still like this painting I received much better than money

  2. max Says:

    I knew Jeff for quite some time while I was living in Sydney Australia .
    Quite a few funny moments had round then , never met his dad Wolfgang though I loved the art of his that Jeff showed
    me a book of his dads art .


  3. maurice mawhinney Says:

    during the mid-70’s i lived in double bay and wolgang was a regular visitor; especially when i made a curry. at that time he was short of cash and i purchased one of his paintings for the price of a month’s rent. around the same time wolfgang made a film based on an old chinese folk story; it featured brenda leong? a university student [i think] and isao hirata a sushi cook in a restaurant in victoria street kings cross. one thing i learned from the short time in wolfgang’s company was never to mix beer, hash and driving. in closing i wonder if somebody out there knows what happened to wolfgangs film.
    maurie mawhinney

    • roger foley-fogg Says:

      I helped him make that film …. but never saw it finished ….. I am selling a couple of his erotic watercolours on ebay this week email me if you like +++ Roger

      • Cosetta Bosi Says:

        My family knew Wolfgang well in those days, in fact,my father, Pino Bosi, played the role of the ’emperor’ opposite Brenda Leong and at least some of the filming was done in the backyard of our home! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the completed film either. His amazing art was a staple at our place.

  4. sandra Says:

    Where can I see a book of Graesse works?

    • Margaret Reid Says:

      Hi Sandra Wolfgang compiled a book called ‘Life and Death the Metaphysical Art of Wolfgang Grasse’ I have looked on the net and there seems to be no copies available for sale at the moment. We live west of Sydney and have a copy of his book and many of his children’s books also but some of those are still for sale on Abe books site. If you live anywhere near us we would be happy to show you the books. Margaret

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