Healthcare NOW!

This has been going on too long: I am sick of the powerful manipulating the weak.

HEALTHCARE IS A RIGHT! We need this yesterday. It has to be comprehensive, have Mental Health parity, Emergency coverage, no pre-existing condition exclusions, cover the young, old and everyone in between, and prescriptions, as well as lower costs/be portable for life.

Low cost is not enough: I believe in the ability of the government to do this. The Republicans and few Democrats that oppose this are on the wrong side of history, and ALREADY HAVE GOOD, FREE HEALTHCARE! THEY ARE HYPOCRITES!

Enough: we need this, and we need it by the first of the year (2010). This is a human rights issue, NOT a political one.


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5 Responses to “Healthcare NOW!”

  1. jonolan Says:

    Healthcare is a right?

    Tell me, if you were alone on an island would you have healthcare? No. Therefor it’s not your right, since it requires someone other than yourself to achieve it.

    What you’re actually claiming is that you have the “right” to the fruits of other people’s labor if your own cannot meet your needs.

    • chiaroscuro5 Says:

      “Definition: A right is a fundamental principle about behaviour within a society. That is, a hermit has no rights because he lives in a world of one. ”

      Your point is moot: I have worked my whole life to earn things, insurance, cars, a home, but fate can be fickle; I do not begrudge the less fortunate, nor do I believe that all variables are in the control of every individual at every moment in time. Actually, that would be impossible.

      As much as I find you to be absurd, I think that you should be covered, also.

      People like you are un/anti-American: they do not adhere to the ideals that true Americans hold sacred.

      Please, do the rest of us a favor: LEAVE THE U.S., AS YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH OUR SOCIETY. And shut-up as you fly/swim to your island.

      • jonolan Says:

        It’s hilarious that you say that I’m un-American when you’re the espousing an idea that runs completely contrary to everything held dear by the founders of our nation.

        Please, do America a favor: LEAVE THE U.S. Save an American the cost of a bullet!

      • chiaroscuro5 Says:

        You need a history lesson: the founders believed EXACTLY in this type of thing. They weren’t Christians, either, for the record: they were atheists or Deists. Look it up.

        As to the “cost of a bullet”: careful — it’s a federal crime to communicate threats via the Internet, and I have your IP address.

        Fuck you.

      • jonolan Says:

        LOL – Not My IP, you don’t. Onion Skin Routing is wonderful thing. 😉 Hell, I don’t even know where the last bounce to your place was from.

        I’m not Christian either and I obviously know far, far more about what role in society was intended by our Founders for the Government.

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