Logan’s Run adaptation from Bluewater Comics!

I was one of the main plotters for the Bluewater Comics adaptation for Logan’s Run (Logan’s Run: Last Day).

William F. Nolan and I (see photo on the left) were working for a year on various aspects of the comic book: plot, character development, costume design, envisioning the uses of some of the elements of the original novel in more practical ways. We also updated the characters and their motivations.

I have to say that the final product is excellent: Daniel Gete did a great job rendering the concepts, and Paul J. Salamoff’s script is engaging and propulsive. Bill Nolan and I are very pleased and excited: I’m sure readers who loved the original novel (by Nolan and George Clayton Johnson) will be intrigued by the new directions, as well as satisfied that the source material was given its proper due. Darren G. Davis did a great job bringing the final vision to life at Bluewater.

Bill and I love this book! The future issues are going to be very good (we’ve seen a lot of the preliminary art and the scripts for the next five issues, and we’re starting the next arc for after the graphic novel comes out).

Go get it! Here’s a nice review from A Comicbook Orange:

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